Friday, July 20, 2018

Learn About Our New Free Custom Power BI Visuals

Check out our latest custom Power BI visuals, available now on Microsoft AppSource. These free visuals let you examine changes in business data, analyze trends, and display KPIs in new ways. Below are overviews of each visual's capabilities:
  • Data Insights by MAQ Software allows users to view data in multiple formats and quickly narrow data results. Users can switch between horizontal bar, vertical bar, brick, or tabular formats. With Data Insights by MAQ Software, users can easily explore data, select specific data, and view selected data in the format that best fits individual business needs.
  • Slope Chart by MAQ Software allows users to analyze trends in data at a glance. This visual is useful for comparing interactions between two data points based on time or other user-chosen parameters.
  • Dumbbell Chart by MAQ Software helps users analyze changes in critical data. This visual consists of a dual-axis combination chart: one axis is marked by a circle, whereas the other is marked by a line that spans data points provided by the user. Dumbbell Chart by MAQ Software is ideal for illustrating change and comparing the distance between data points. 
Download these and many more free visuals at our Microsoft AppSource page.